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David Bereson author of Dig Deep — Tales from the depths has begun a new series of stories to be published first on InsideLives before being later formed into an edited collection and published by Franklin Street Press.

Going out anywhere for me is a major expedition, fraught with danger.  No lions or tigers but plenty of demons for me to confront. It takes resilience. Going shopping, for instance, is not a casual, relaxed exercise. It  must be done carefully and engaged with great attention. The dangers are everywhere. I  do not want to fall victim or be engulfed by them. Let me take you through what’s involved in a basic trip. So let’s hit the road. First, a taxi must be called. Easy enough. I begin my trip calmly. When the cab arrives my frame must be folded and fitted into the boot and then off to the destination. On arrival, an ample park is needed so my frame can be reclaimed from the boot and placed next to my door. Along the footpath I go, hopefully with no major obstacle, like high curbs. I’m there, hooray, we are doing well. I  collect myself and focus my every attention. I survey the ground ahead of me, yes, check the terrain to see if it is smooth, no cracks or tree roots or other impediments. I need to assess what rests on the path, there can be all sorts of things — poles, boxes, tables and chairs — numerous objects are left on the sidewalk. I am able to move forward but always aware of my left-side neglect so that I don’t accidentally walk into things. There are plenty of moving elements, pedestrians to be aware of and who are often not aware of me.  A curse on people concentrating on their phones, not watching where they’re going, then yelling when they bump into  me for not avoiding them.  These things are hard enough without this complication. I navigate my way, assisted by my guide. Then I arrive perhaps at a destination. I remind myself to keep alert, keep concentrating. There are steps that need to be climbed — lift frame up and over. Who wants an easy life? I ask. Inside, hooray, but few places are designed so that  a frame can be easily wheeled about. Yes, I don’t want want to be knocking things over and breaking things, no accidental deaths of wild animals from me. I get what I want and go carefully onwards completing my tasks. It’s stressful but happily doable. Once they are all done, I exclaim, some relief. Again a taxi is ordered, frame folded and I return home where happily I can collapse with exhaustion. Yes, it has been a wild adventure and I survived. Now, being the veteran explorer, I look forward to a better future and  a more relaxed procedure for me. I just need enough strength and practice that I can wheel myself down to the shops and do as I desire, all without any ill consequences. This day will come I am determined.