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Featured Life — Dr Jim Cairns (1914 — 2003)

Dig Deep — Tales from the Depths

David Bereson's remarkable new memoir coming soon from Franklin Street Press.

David Bereson’s Storied Memoir — Dig Deep

Then one day, bang, a serious car accident changed everything. Pre-order David Bereson's storied memoir of digging deep and snatching life from the jaws of disability. "Forever hopeful and frequently very funny.” Phillip Adams

My father Itiel Bereson — author, teacher, showman!

"My Peter Pan Peter Pan, the story of a boy who never grew up, is classified as fiction. But I know it is true to life: my father, who lived a charmed existence till his dying day, was that boy. A lifelong childhood innocence and wonderment about everything was his charm. It captivated people, endeared them to him. As we love children for what they are, everybody loved my father for being like this. " David Bereson

David Bereson and his modern father

"Parenting responsibilities did not interfere with his core self. When finally he retired, his life entered what became like a never-ending summer holiday. He tasted all the joys of life that his childlike nature allowed." An excerpt from David Bereson's storied memoir Dig Deep -Tales from the depths

‘Now is the Psychological Moment’ — Earle Page & the imagining of Australia

Stephen Wilks' lively look at one of Australia's most imaginative, ideas-driven politicians — who was briefly Prime Minister — unearths an underrated public figure who dared to...

“As a woman I want no country”

"As a woman I want no country": Citizenship, Nationality and International law" Dame Roma Mitchell Memorial Lecture - Kim Rubenstein (Law Institute of Victoria, 6...